Contractor's Common Sense Guide
We created this manual for and in conjunction with contractors expressing a need for factual information, guidelines, forms and systems that would help perfect their efforts, keep them informed and safeguard their quest for success.

Categories covered in the manual include the following (click links to see more detail):

- Bonding
- Legal and Safety
- Systems, Letters and Charts
- Prequalification of Professionals, Key Personnel and Subcontractors
- People Management and Relationships
- Job Selection and Management
- Contractor Concerns, Shortcomings, Negative Trends, Company Changes
- Accounting, Financial Statements, and Cash Flow
We believe this manual would be beneficial to anyone in the construction industry - contractors, CPAs, bankers, architects, engineers, surety underwriters, vendors, etc. We would love the opportunity to share with you this manual and would be more than happy to explain or assist you in the implementation of any part.  Please contact us for an appointment.  The manual is available at a nominal cost, which will include any updates to the manual that may occur.
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