Our agency, located in Birmingham, Alabama, specializes in all types of contract surety bonds - bid bonds, performance and payment bonds, maintenance/warranty bonds, supply bonds, license and permit bonds, and other miscellaneous bonds.  See our section on bonding.

We assist in networking and introducing our bond clients to their prospective customers.

We provide various formats/templates that can be used for documentation, financial management, and educational purposes.  The Contractor's Common Sense Guide is an example of the information we make available.  

We are careful to evaluate the contractor's information furnished to us for bonding purposes, and will not send to the bonding company without emphasizing the strengths and discussing any perceived weaknesses with our client so that our client has an opportunity to present a plan to overcome that weakness.  Thus, the response of the bonding company in most cases is more positive.
PHONE:  205-879-4009
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